Wanting to Repeat Silence’s Success, Comatra Releases the Song Cast Away

Saturday, 03 June 2023 – 08:19 WIB

Wanting to Repeat Silence’s Success, Comatra Releases the Song Cast Away. Photo: doc. personal

jpnn.com, JAKARTA – Young singer Comatra released his second single entitled Cast Away which is Electro-folk/pop-folk/ pop-ballad.

He also hopes to repeat the success of his first single entitled Silence which won 1.8 million viewers on YouTube.

Single Silencer is used as a film soundtrack which is covered by legendary Hong Kong singer, Frances Yip.

According to Comatra, his latest song titled Cast Away would have sounded even better if it had been sung by Demi Levato.

“Yeah, it’s only fitting that Demi Levato sing it I think,” said Comatra.

Comtara says that every song he makes is inspired by personal experience. The process of making the song Cast Away was fast, only one hour.

Cast Away tells the story of someone who feels neglected in his life and finally decides to survive in his own way so he can stay ‘sane’.

Comatra created the song that was produced by GP Records when he was still in grade 2 of junior high school, in 2017 to be precise.

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